Temperature Controller 110V ITC-308S

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Inkbird 110V Pre-wired Programmable Digital Heat Cool Temp ControllerSockets Outlet Thermostat ITC-308S with removable Rubber Waterproof Probe

- Plug and play design, easy to set and use,F/C degree display;
- Dual relay output, be able to connect with refrigeration and heating equipment at the same time;
- PV and SV dual display window, be able to display measured temperature and set temperature at the same time;
- Support reading with Centigrade or Fahrenheit unit; Maximum output load: 2400W(240V);
- Compressor delay protection for refrigeration control High and low temperature alarms are available;
- Over-temperature and sensor fault alarm Temperature calibration;
- Heating/Cooling differential function could be set separately for refrigeration and heating to protect temperature controller from violent change.
- The sensor is waterproof and is better for the freshwater tank than the saltwater tank.

- Temperature Control Range : -50~99°C / -58~210°F
- Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °C / 0.1°F Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C (-50 ~ 70°C) / ±1°F (-50 ~ 160°F)
- Temperature Control Mode :On/Off Control, Heating and Cooling Input Power: 100-120 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
- Temperature Control Output: Max. 10A, 100V ~120V AC 
- Buzzer Alarm: High and Low
- Socket: 112 x 46 x 27 mm( 4.1 x 1.8 x 1.0 inch)
- Sensor Type: NTC sensor (Including) Sensor Length: 2m / 6.56ft
- Ambient Temperature: -30~75°C / -22~167°F
- Storage Temperature: -20~60°C / -4~140°F
- Humidity 20~85%Rh (No Condensate)
- Warranty: 1 Year

How to work:
- Connect with a heater and a cooler , heating socket for heater,cooling socket for cooler.
- The temperature range you want to control is: 22~30℃ ,then you can set TS=25℃, HD=3,CD=5.
- When Ambient Temperature is higher than 30℃(TS+CD), it will turn on the cooler, turn off at 25℃.
- When Ambient Temperature is lower than 22℃(TS-HD), it will turn on the heater, turn off at 25℃.

Package Include
- 1x ITC 308 Temperature Controller with 6.65ft Rubber Waterproof Sensor
- 1x English User Manual