Tiger Conch (Strombus sp)

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Max Size: 3 inches
Diet: Omnivore, Detritis
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Compatible: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons

Tiger Sand Conchs are a fantastic addition to any saltwater aquarium, as they serve as efficient sand sifters and cleaners. These conchs play a vital role in maintaining a clean sand bed by burrowing and plowing through the sand, effectively removing detritus, algae, and other unwanted debris in the process. Their constant stirring and cleaning of the sand's top layers contribute to a healthier and more balanced environment.

One of the great advantages of Tiger Sand Conchs is their reef-safe and peaceful nature. They are well-behaved tank inhabitants and will not bother corals or other tankmates. These conchs predominantly stay at the bottom of the aquarium, further adding to their compatibility with other marine creatures.

For optimal well-being, Tiger Sand Conchs prefer an aquarium with a sandy bottom that allows them to burrow and move freely. Like other invertebrates, they are sensitive to certain water conditions and cannot tolerate copper, high levels of nitrates, or drastic parameter fluctuations.

In terms of their diet, Tiger Sand Conchs are versatile eaters. They consume algae, flake food, freeze-dried foods, and frozen foods, making them easy to cater to in the aquarium environment.