Tropic Marin Coral Clean 250ml

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Tropic Marin Coral Clean 250 ml

Unwanted organisms, parasites or contaminants are often introduced into the aquarium with new corals, which can endanger the long-established coral population. Tropic Marin® Coral Clean reliably removes the most common episodes, parasites and contaminants in an easy-to-use bath. The fallen animals make it possible to check success immediately, which shows whether further baths are necessary.

Tropic Marin® Coral Clean is phosphate-free and gentler than other forms of cleaning baths such as Lugol's solution or fresh water.

A glass or plastic container that picks up the coral during the treatment is filled with seawater from the aquarium. For every 100 ml of water, 1 ml of Tropic Marin® Coral Clean is dosed into the prepared vessel and mixed well with the water. The new coral is completely immersed in this short bath and left for ten to fifteen minutes. Before the coral is returned to the aquarium, the coral should be shaken gently in the bath to shake off deposits and adhering unwanted organisms.

Coral crabs should be carefully removed before treatment and put back into the coral after treatment. The water quality of the aquarium should be checked regularly to maintain the health of the corals.

Note: In some cases it can take up to two days for the coral to fully open again after the bath.