White Spot Anemone Shrimp (Periclimenes brevicarpalis)

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Max Size: 2 inches
Diet: Omnivore
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Compatible: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons

The Glass Anemone Shrimp, also known as the White-patched Anemone Shrimp or Pacific Clown Anemone Shrimp, was initially described in 1902. Although it may be challenging to spot within its host anemone, it is one of the most commonly imported anemone shrimps. Its transparent body is adorned with several white spots scattered irregularly across its carapace and tail, allowing it to blend seamlessly with the anemone's tentacles. Another distinguishing feature of this species is the presence of five black-edged orange spots on its caudal fin.

For optimal care, the Glass Anemone Shrimp thrives best in a tank with anemones or sea cucumbers that can act as hosts. It typically stays in close proximity to its host anemone or sea cucumber. However, if it doesn't detect larger fish nearby, it may occasionally venture out to forage for food. Otherwise, it shares its food with the anemone. To protect itself from the stinging cells of the anemone, the shrimp secretes mucus that coats its body. Whenever the shrimp molts to grow, it needs to hide from the anemone as it loses its mucus-covered shell. Subsequently, it must carefully approach the anemone to re-cover its body with mucus. In aquariums with several Glass Anemone Shrimp, males tend to have more white spots and be larger than females.

In the aquarium environment, the Glass Anemone Shrimp will readily consume most meat or fish-based diets offered to it. With proper care and a suitable host, this intriguing shrimp can make a captivating addition to marine aquariums.