XP Aqua Sumpless ATO

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• Engineered Specifically for Aquariums without Sumps
• Dual-Optical Sensor for Precise Operation with Secondary Failsafe
• Intelligent Pre-Programmed Algorithm
• Doubles as an Effective Surface Skimmer
• Convenient Media Chamber for Filtration Media
• Plug-and-Play with All Parts Included
• Works in Complete Darkness
Why Choose Sumpless ATO?
Sumpless ATO is the first and only ATO designed specifically for aquariums without sumps. The combination of the sleek overflow box and the innovative dual-optical sensor ATO will help to keep your aquarium topped off and your water crystal clear.
The overflow box easily mounts to any aquarium with its magnetic mount. It acts as a surface skimmer to rid your aquarium of undesirable oily surface skim and doubles as a media reactor for carbon, GFO or any media of your choice.
XP Aqua’s proprietary dual-optical sensor packs two precise level sensors in one incredibly small package. In addition to keeping your water level constant, the two sensors also work in concert with the intelligent QST programming to help prevent overfilling.
With so many features never seen before in ATO’s, the XP Aqua Sumpless ATO is the ultimate ATO solution for aquariums without sumps.